3 Motive Krawangan Grc Mosque is very popular in the world

3 Motive Krawangan Grc Mosque is very popular in the world
One of the most interesting things on a decorating a mosque not only lies in a large dome with an attractive motif, but is also found in the krawangan mosque of GRC that became part of the mosque. Krawangan, basically is a kind of perforated panel that is used as a delimiter by providing pencahaya as well as air flow naturally from the outside and equipped with diverse motives and certainly unique.
Today, the development of this krawangan very rapidly and are not only found on the building of the mosque only, but also in several other buildings. Here's some krawangan a fairly GRC Mosque is popular in the world.
Krawangan Motifs
krawangan motifs
Country Indonesia is indeed famous for its heritage in the form of batik and on that basis, then came the krawangan motif of batik is also suitable to serve as a hindrance to the interior of the room on several buildings. The uniqueness of this motif is seen on the theme of Parameswara converted some of the famous batik batik-like tendrils, batik and batik kawung also machetes.
Although this kind of motif is often positioned at the Government building, the kontraktor kubah masjid restaurant or the lobby of the hotel, no less interesting if the motif krawangan mosque this mosque was applied in GRC to give modern impression.

Krawangan Arabesque Motifs
krawangan arabesque motifs
A mosque has always been intimately connected with the nuances of Islam, for that, it would be better if you try to select the krawangan mosque of arabesque motifs that have the GRC. The kind of krawangan that lifts themes smelling this Arabic would be very suitable as a bulkhead while the decor of a Muslim religious buildings.
One feature of the motif of arebsque this is a geometric motifs line will be connected into one shaped like a star with Octagon. So, it is highly recommended for those of you who want to beautify the appearance of the mosque by adding krawangan to this motif.

Krawangan Calligraphy Motifs
krawangan calligraphy motifs
In addition to the motifs of arabesque, krawangan masjid GRC that is perfect to serve as the interior decoration of the mosque is krawangan with calligraphy. By deciding to choose the type of krawangan of this kind, it will strengthen the religious atmosphere of a place of worship. It would be very interesting if you put krawangan at the side of the window or façade at the mosque.
Of the many calligraphy used motif on this krawangan, the most popular type is a very harmonious-kufi handwriting if combined with a minimalist façade of a building at this time.
For those of you who need a krawangan GRC mosque, then you should choose a motif that fits the decor of the building. For that, you can contact us through get satisfying service. We will help you in choosing the motif krawangan the appropriate GRC mosque, as well as assist in the installation. At affordable prices, we want to provide the best quality to create the beauty of your mosques.
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